Urban Fusion Natural Cleaning Co. - Victoria BC
Urban Fusion Natural Cleaning Co. Urban Fusion Natural Cleaning Co.
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Urban Fusion House Cleaning

Welcome To Urban Fusion

Picture this:
You come home after a long day. Your house is clean from top to bottom. Cleaned thoroughly with only
the finest locally handmade cleaning products. Made with fresh herbs and fused with natural recipes.
Custom scented with aromatherapy oils. Organized. Clear. Liberated. Your house has just been given a spa treatment.

Clean Home, Clean Mind

More than just cleaning. Chaos management, stress reduction, peace enhancement, creative movement. Feeling. Living. Loving. URBAN Fusion is a modern housekeeping collective that uses nature inspired products and aromatherapy practices to dissolve dirt, build up and stagnancy from your space. Our focus is to clean, clear and add peace of mind to your life.

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